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Reusable keys ??


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Hello, im not sure how to explain this problem im having but ill give it ago lol.


So if i macro a key say B for bags + character screen in game it works as intended, however B is no longer available for any other function like chat (all my sentences are missing the letter b). I have got round this by assigning ALT (instead of B) to the macro which is fine but i can no longer ALT + TAB out of my game.


Surely there is a way to still have the macro key usable for other things, any help would be appreciated.


Hope that makes sense XD


Using K70 RGB Rapidfire + Scimitar RGB

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There are ways to setup profile switching that goes back to the original profile when you release a key. It is detailed in depth somewhere in the forums, but just hit profile switching after making a new profile that says b + bags or whatever and then when you release whatever key is the profile switch, it goes back to being just b...


For simple one step functionality switching, this works well

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