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Corsair H100i v2 Faulty


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Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, its my first time in this forum.

So about a month ago i booted my PC up and it posted saying there was no CPU cooler detected, while i had my h100i v2 installed, which had been there since February 2017. I removed the cooler and reinstalled it, computer booted up fine. Later that night while gaming i started experiencing stuttering and after checking CPU temps i noticed my 4770k was running at 100c, i immediatly turned my PC off. I removed and reinstalled the system again with fresh thermal paste but that didnt work either. I dont really know whats wrong with it.. I guess maybe the pump is failing, fans are ok. Sadly my CPU actually has been working worse at 100% performance since then but nothing to do about that. Ive been running on the stock 4770k cooler and temps are manageable with that only getting up to 70c or so. Anyways, i live in Argentina and i have a relative who is travelling to the US soon, i was wondering how the RMA system works and how would i go about getting a replacement?

I bought the unit off Amazon in late January or early February, my relative is traveling to the US in early november, hopefuly its not too late.


Sorry for the long post and id appreciate a reply !

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