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Not sure what's wrong


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So I very patiently waited 18 days to receive my Corsair One (thinking it would be worth it) and it finally showed up yesterday. I set up Windows and immediately downloaded League of Legends and Overwatch so I could test the PC out before downloading the rest of my games, and I'm glad I did. The League client was so slow that I couldn't even log in, and when I was able to nothing in the client would load. I figured it was a problem with League itself so I tried out Overwatch. Nothing but constant lag in the client, and in game it was even worse. My GPU temp was at almost 80 degrees Celcius also, which is pretty insane for Overwatch. It's not an issue with my internet connection, everything else loads just fine. I hooked up my old PC and all my games were working as expected, but with this new "better" PC there's just nothing but lag.


Any suggestions? I'm honestly stumped, I've never seen anything like this. I have the base model, the one with the i7-7700 and the GTX 1070. Thanks in advance.

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