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K70 Vengeance non RGB failure!


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My K70 vengeance non RGB with brown MX switches gave up yesterday, backlighting is functional but none of the actual keys work. I was using my keyboard no problem and after a PC reboot it ceased to function.


I have tried the firmware reset by plugging keyboard into PC whilst holding the esc key down for 5 seconds, 10 seconds but still no joy.


I have repeated the firmware reset in all bios switch positions and even tried the keyboard in other PC's but again no joy!


Everything at this point suggests the keyboard is in a locked up state?


I raised a support ticket and to my dissapointment the reply I received was to try the firmware reset which as explained here and on the support ticket, has already been done! Do support staff seriously not read the full content of the end users information supplied with the support ticket!


On my support ticket having explained that I had tried the soft firmware reset option I requested help on options that may permit a hard reset or firmware reflash but this appears also to have been overlooked.


I updated my support ticket but so far have not received a response from support.


Please can anyone shed some light on how I recover this expensive keyboard from a seemingly locked up state or is it now an expensive doorstop!


Thanks in anticipation


AndyBoyo :mad:

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