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K70 rapidfire media keys cause fps drops in games


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After installing the new windows 10 fall update, my media keys on press cause massive fps drops in csgo. I normally get around 400-500 fps but after pressing stop/play (with spotify being the active program) or the volume scroll my fps in game will drop to 150.


I have tried the following:

Updating CUE, reinstalling csgo, reinstalling spotify, enabling gamedvr/game mode. I also uninstalling/reinstalled my gpu drivers as well.


None of the above have helped so far.


Has anyone experienced this problem before? Thanks.


Edit: I actually tried my old keyboard (SteelSeries 6Gv2) and the problem still occurs when I use the functions keys as well.


Edit2: The windows update actually un-checked disable full screen optimization on my csgo.exe, Disabling full screen optimization fixed my problem.

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