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Are the VOID (wired USB) true 7.1?


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I'm coming from a Plantronics headset to "VOID wired USB" and straight away I'm impressed with the quality of the Corsair. All my drivers are updated and I have the latest CUE where the headset appears normally.


However I'm struggling with the audio. It sounds to me like a 2 channel output is being upscaled / processed into surround. Is this the case?


Let me explain what I mean. In stereo setting within CUE it's fine, audio from YouTube, gaming, etc. is in 2 channels like I would expect and it sounds great.

However if I press the button in CUE to make the headset "Dolby Headphone" straight away I get some muddy sounding reverb effect which makes the audio indistinct.


In games its just the same, I feel like the audio is muddy where the location / source of the sound in 3D space is indistinct.


This is why I think it's being upscaled / processed into a surround sound and not a true 7.1 because 1) I've heard it before with a simple pair of stereo headphones running some trick software, 2) my previous Plantronics true 7.1 didn't have this issue.


Can anyone help please? Especially if anyone is here from Corsair.

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Are any headsets true 7.1? I mean they don't have 7 speakers in them, right?


I know the Plantronics have 40mm drivers, where the Corsair has 50mm. I just feel the Corsair are really the most comfortable speakers I've ever owned. I never owned the Plantronics, just tried them briefly, but I have owned the Astro A50's which are $299.99 and some cheaper headsets.


I have the Void Wireless for awhile now. I mostly play CS:GO. I would say 99% of the time I can tell where someone is coming from. I never use the Dolby button. I don't think I really play other that make good use of 7.1. I just select 7.1 headset in CS:GO.


As for music.. I never play it in Dolby either. I've tried it (mostly just now because of your post). I am not sure which I prefer better on or off. They both sound different. I'll probably stick with stereo. I do have my own preset.. I don't really know what to do, for as long as I can remember I just randomly slide everything up to different spots. It's got bass, but not too much so it doesn't clip. All across the board I like it better than the presets.

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