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RMA stuck at pickup for over 2 weeks


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My C1 with the PCIe defect has been sitting idle beside my desk for te past 2 weeks.


The box to return the machine in arrived soon enough, but the pickup never happened because of a glitch in the system at TNT or Foxconn.


TNT has informed me that Corsair or Foxconn needs to create a new pickup order before they can send a driver to my house. I’ve made the issue known to my support agent October 2nd, but he’s been unable to get this resolved.


My patients is running out. Please have a look at ticket #624682 guys, thanks.

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Dustin, I’ve managed to ship out the unit to Foxconn by having TNT manually create a new pickup order. The unit has arrived, but this wasn’t the best experience. I don’t know how I’ll be updated of its status, or when it will be returned to me.


What’s also worrying me, is that’s it’s been a week since I’ve had a reply on my support ticket. I made a request and it feels like it’s being ignored.

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