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GPU Upgrade Question


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Hi all,


I'm thinking about getting a Corsair One Pro but to save myself a bit of money I was thinking about getting the 1080 model and then upgrading the GPU with a 1080ti that I have in another system. Does anyone know if the GPU cooler in the One Pro 1080 will fit on a 1080ti?

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Due to the system's design, Corsair only allows Memory and Storage to be user-upgraded without voiding their warranty for the Corsair One (and Pro) line. I strongly suggest reading this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=170862


Which I realize doesn't answer your specific question of whether or not the GPU cooler in the One Pro will fit the spare 1080Ti that you have.


"It might, but it depends" is likely the correct answer without knowing specifically what card you're talking about, and if someone's tried it yet.


Read that thread in its entirety before making any decisions.

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