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Corsair Carbide 330R drive trays replacements?


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Hello. I have had this case since 2013 and it has been really great although the drive cage system does not seem very well thought out in terms of Corsairs very thin and delicate slide/snap in drive trays. I unfortunately ended up snapping off one of the pull tabs when pulling out a drive over the years and I only have 2 unbroken drive trays left. They seem very easily broken because the tabs that you pull inward to pull the drive out of the cage are attached by very thin plastic.


These are not sold anywhere on the Corsair site under the case accessories. I've looked around at other sites to find replacements and cannot. However I would actually like to find an alternative if I can (hoping that I don't have to get a new case because I can't find replacement drive trays).


I'd like to explore 2 options.


1. Are there any universal 3.5" brackets I can use for 3.5" drives and universal 5.25" to 3.5"/2.5" drives that WILL fit the drive cage in this case that anyone knows of? I think that I would prefer to use something that is screwed in or something more sturdy.


2. I would settle for replacement Corsair trays made for this case if there are any available and given option 1 would not work.


I have two 3.5" drives and two 2.5" SSD's. I need something that is going to hold the drives in.


Right now I've just got a mess. The bottom drive in this image is missing a tab on the right side.

The other tray that I broke the tab off of will not lock in place in that cage.


Thanks for any assistance.


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I'm having the same issue and was wondering if you ever managed to obtain any replacement trays.


The fact that Corsair completely fails to make available replacements for these fragile items is really annoying and points to lazy management.

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