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Corsair Carbide Air 240 with H115i


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Hi all, again with stupid question but now the confusing part is delivered by ... corsair and two pages:




According to this one Carbide Air 240 should be able to take 280 cooler solution (there is Corsair Hydro Series H110i GT mentioned). ok I have "smaller" H115i ...

then I check product site and we have this:




where there is not mentioned H115I or H110i GT (and the max is H100i, H105)

what is the answer ? will it fit or not.


Note: I have everything

- case (new)

- too big gtx (will check if it fit)

- cooling solution 2x140


steps to be done :

buy mobo but not sure if I should stick to my old case (and follow ATX) or this fancy super looking Carbide Air 240 (with mATX)


Note: I cannot check it by myself as it's used in server 24/7 solution.


Please help me with the cooler information !:)

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I don't remember any 280mm Air 240 builds without serious customization. 240mm max in the front is about all you can do. Go ahead and contact Corsair anyway. That comparability list is a bit old, but it needs to get cleaned up. Edited by c-attack
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Is it possible to put 240mm rad in top or bottom with MATAX like H170m asus?


On bottom you'd have trouble going around the GPU. On top you may have some trouble with your memory clearance. You're better off mounting that cooler in the front.

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