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CUE2 FPS Lag and CUE1 Driver Bug Scimitar


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Hey guys,


I'm having issues with CUE 1 and CUE 2. I use Windows 7.


CUE 2:

Strafe RGB works great. Scimitar side buttons (1-12) cause extreme fps drops when pressed in Overwatch. Fps goes from 100+ to 20 - 15 as soon as these buttons are pressed. Mouse 1 and 2 work fine without causing lag. I also experience a strange black square that appears on the top left corner of my screen and overlays on top of overwatch when I press these buttons. If I am not running CUE 2, these issues don't occur.


CUE 1:

Strafe RGB works fine. Scimitar driver fails occasionally and mouse stops working mid-game. No FPS issues encountered. Can use the 1-12 buttons fine. Issue does not occur if CUE 1 is not running.


When I had Windows 10, I did not encounter these issues with CUE 2. However, I can't upgrade back to Windows 10.


Any help would be appreciated because I'm stuck using a crappy mouse right now because of these issues.

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