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Asus P6T compatibility with Corsair XMS3 modules


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I received 'new' XMS3 modules, but pc does not boot when using them.


BUT they are recognized when using a program such as RAMMon or CPU Z.


My intention was to upgrade my current ram with the 2 new sticks.





Slot 1 is working, slot 2 isn't working.


RAMMon output:



Current RAM: CMX6GX3M3A1333C9 --> Corsair XMS3 3x2gb 1333mhz 9-9-924 1.5v ver2.3


New RAM: TW3X4G1333C9A --> Corsair XMS3 2x2gb 1333mhz 9-9-924 1.5v ver3.13


As you can see in the output there are some minimal differences between the two ram sticks.

What difference would be the cause of the no-boot when using the new sticks?


Let me know if you need more info!

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