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Profile Switching and Multiple HotKeys

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I have a question about the behavior of the "Profile Switching" behavior of Cue 2: I like that you can assign assign any key to and select the option to change profile only while you hold the key down. Great! That suits my needs for designing Keyboard colored keyboard templates for the software I use.

The ONE limitation I seem to not be able to surpass is that the Profile Switching Action item will only accept ONE hot key!!! Which seems terribly limited to me! It Works great for "Shift" or "Alt" but what about "CTRL-ALT"? or CTRL-SHIFT"? or heck any two keys for that matter! I mean c'mon! most of the people using these keyboards are Gamers. I'm not a Gamer, but last time I looked there are ALL sorts of key shift combinations! Wouldn't it be Awesome to have the Layout Highlight specific keys for each combination? I am already using it for ALT and SHIFT and CTRL.. why not make it so if you can assign key combinations to Profile changes? Now, I know how keyboards work... and I am will to concede that just any two keys may require special programming... But that doesn't apply to ALT, Shift and Control keys!


I have noticed a few forum entries here where folks offer "alternative" RGB controller programs.. claiming that they have surpassed this limiation... why has Corsair not added it?


And that leads me to another question. Can you target Profile switching using a Macro? instead of the dedicated "Profile switchi" action?

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