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New LL Series Fans


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So one of the biggest factors regarding static pressure for fans is the distance between the fan blades and the outer housing. Fan rotors have to be designed with a certain margin for error so that you don't run into the fans scraping the housing.


The ML fans are extremely precise in their design to maximize static pressure, and the hub of the ML fans is a little larger than typical fan hubs to incorporate the magnetic levitation bearing.


It's not a simple matter of just dumping LEDs into the hub (also, RGB LEDs are typically larger than regular single-color LEDs) or adding an LED ring to the frame.


That makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.

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any ways.. suggestion.. hope You are paying attention Corsair.. we NEED an 'Exhaust' version of this fan.. and judging by the general opinion across a few forums/boards... it's a universal need!. this is quite a critical situation :D::D::D:


i just want a way to reverse the fan direction or ones designed to put in as exhaust fans on the top of a case like Zotty said, so you can clearly see the the light loop on the back of the fan

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