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HX 1000W capacitor?


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i have old PSU i think one of the top class

but from some time my PC start reset it self especially when i try play some games

i hin bios i spotted a warning on voltage

3,3v drop to 2,960V

when i open the PSU (i m not a electronic specialist)

but i spot one of the capacitor is quit bigger then the rest and stick in the radiar abow

i try make some insulation between capacitor and radiator it work for short time

but i think the capacitor just die

my question: if i change this capacitor the PSU can work like before or it could be something else

i m not sure which part in PSU i responsible for 3,3v

please i will be thankful for help or advice



my spec

intel i7 980x

asus rampage 3 Extreme

nvidia 780ti SLI





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