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HDD performance easily maxed out?


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While downloading games with Steam (at 150Mbit/s) I noticed that the secondary HDD almost doesn’t seem to be able to keep up. The disk utilization easily reaches 100% which causes the download speed to drop to 0 until it’s done installing the files.


Could any of you confirm this is happening on your Corsair ONE as well?


To check disk processor usage, open the Task Manager and click the Performance tab. Then keep an eye on what it says for the second drive (probably D) while downloading a game to it.


The M.2 drive does not exhibit this behavior, obviously. All diagnostics report the drive is functioning normally.

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Hi Wanneerniet,


I performed a 4.49GB transfer over my local (wired, gigabit ethernet) network to my secondary dive, "Disk D", which is a standard 2.5" 5400 RPM platter based hard drive, not a flash based drive. This is the mid-transfer screenshot. I hope this helps!


Let me know if you need a different type of test.


Also, please note...this is not my "new" Corsair One Pro, which is arriving on Monday (Eastern Time USA). It's my Corsair One Pro with a video graphics issue which may or may not be having PCIe bus issues. It's set to PCIe v2.



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That looks very similar. It gets annoying when you’re playing a game while another is downloading and installing; it locks up the system while it’s maxed out.


Not something that we can fix probably, but maybe an issue Corsair wants to look into for the next revision.

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