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LED Brightness issue


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I would double check the brightness level in CUE under the Global Settings (gear wheel), and make sure it's all the way up. Also, try cleaning out the keys with a can of compressed air incase there is some debris buildup.


Both photos uses brightness level of 100%.


For the entire time that I am using my keyboard I only use 66% of brightness.


And it is already cleaned up as well as the keycaps. especially the ones with the issues.


Actually today is the last day of the 2 year warranty of my keyboard. So I am kinda in a hurry and worried if it is eligible for warranty.

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I would contact our technical support for a hard firmware reset, and try that. If that doesn't help, they can provide you with more options for an RMA.




already contact them. and they also responded.


but right now, my keyboard is at our local distributor here in Philippines.


I hope they can fix it.


If the local distributor couldn't fix it, can i warranty it to corsair directly?

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Corsair provides a two year warranty for their keyboards and starts from the purchase date. If that date has passed, unfortunately you will not be able to replace it via warranty.


I filed the warranty a day before the 2 year expires.

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Has Corsair replied to your ticket?


If warranty is still provided, you will want to make sure your local distributor does not attempt to repair the keyboard e.g. disassemble the keyboard as this will void the warranty.


Yes, they already did.

When i went to our distributor they told me that they will try to fix it by upgrading the firmware. And they also said that plenty of the keys has already a brightness problem.

The support in of Corsair also told me a DIY solution. And it is the same with what is the distributor have to do. By upgrading the firmware.

Corsair, for me is the best when it comes ti warranty. They still acknowledged my warranty as long as you filed a ticket before the 2 year warranty expires.

Hoping for the best.

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