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K55 RGB and mouse don't work sometimes after log in


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I will do my best to explain the issue simply, any help would be greatly appreciated (I am considering returning this keyboard, though I really like it when it works). Essentially, if I am away from my desk for a long period of time, upon returning the keyboard will work but only to allow me to log in to my computer. Upon logging in, however, the keyboard and my mouse (bought and put to use on the same day, Logitech G600) will become unresponsive (other than Control+Alt+Delete, which works. Once in the Control Alt Delete windows screen everything works just like in the login screen, but if I return to the desktop both stop working again). Ultimately the only way to solve the issue is by restarting the computer, which simply cannot continue to be a long term solution.


In attempting to fix this issue I tried to update the firmware on my keyboard in the CUE app, which gives me the message "Failed to load firmware update for K55 RGB" and then an option to manually attach a .bin or .zip file. I do not have the option to Force Update, it is greyed out and cannot be clicked. Does this mean there is no update available or is there a location where I need to download newer firmware?


I use the keyboard at work so messing with the BIOS or other non-standard settings may not be an option, or at least will require the assistance of our IT team and is not always very easy. Thanks in advance for helping!

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