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Help! Profiles not switching when linked to Applications


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I recently got a corsair k65 lux and I'm trying to set up my profiles so they match some of my games. I want to have one profile active when I'm just generically using my computer, but I want to switch to a different profile when I'm running overwatch and a third profile for when I'm running dragon nest. I made my 3 profiles, one of them has been linked to the overwatch application file (not a launcher, the actual .exe file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwatch\Overwatch.exe), one linked to dragon nest (again, the .exe file), and the last is not linked to any application. However, these don't work. My keyboard will only show the profile linked to dragon nest no matter what is running. Launching overwatch does not change the profile, and without any games running I still have my dragon nest profile running.



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