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Issue corsair link and H110i


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I have recently had the Corsair H110i aio water cooler.

In the beginning, I could customize everything within CL. After that, he never managed to see the fans and pump anymore.


I had the fans set at 500RPM because + 2000RPM was too much. Now have a nice IDLE temp of 25 degrees and load 52 degrees (3.8 oC). Suddenly he went back on his maximum trips, I looked at CL and I saw them standing but could not adjust anything. After rebooting a couple of times, I did not see it anymore but sat with the maximum fan speed. (Very loud)


How can I solve this?


What I've already done:

* Other USB header attempted

* Updates searched for my motherboard

* Trying the fans on another header

* Old software from CL tried

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