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Two Commander Pros with 12 fans?


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I'm in the process of building a new custom PC for my wife. Might even shoot a video of doing it which would be a first for me. I'll be going with a Thermaltake Tower 900 for my case with two liquid cooling loops. After doing a lot of research (mainly YouTube videos) I'm leaning towards using Corsair HD140 RGB fans for both radiators and aesthetics fans inside the viewable area.


I'll be running 12 fans in this system, and LED Lighting strips. My main question is can I use two Commander Pro's together? I mainly want this for the 12 PWM fan inputs. From what I have read, each RGB channel can handle 6 RGB fans, so in theory I could do up to 24 fans for RGB control off of two Commander Pros. I can always buy the Lighting Commander Pro kit for the LED strips in the main viewable area.


When are you guys going to jump into the DIY liquid cooling realm? Really want a Link enabled RGB Reservoir / pump combo.




Current Shopping List:



Thermaltake Tower 900



Corsair HXi 1000W (My 2nd one, love this supply)


Cooling / Fans:

2x 420mm Alphacool UT60 NexXxoS Rads

12x HD140 RGB Corsair Fans

2x Commander Pro's for Fan Hubs and RGB hubs

1x Lighting Pro Expansion Kit

Phanteks Fittings (gotta love Viton seals in the PC market now).

Phanteks 1080ti FE Water Block

2x Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir/Pump Kit

Phanteks C399A Threadripper Water Block



AMD ThreadRipper 1920x

Gigabyte X399 AORUS Gaming 7

2x Intel 600p 1TB NVMe SSDs

2x Corsair RGB Ram 32gb kits 3466MHZ (CMR32GX4M4C3466C16)

Reuse of 1080ti FE from the computer to be upgraded.

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Yes, you can use multiple Commander PROs (and even daisy chain them with their built-in USB hub).


while on the Commander subject... a little off topic lol.... whats the official stance on using pwm splitters on the commanders fan headers?.. would it be possible to run 2x Hd120's on a couple of them?.. obviously they would only show as one fan in link but could the commander cope power wise?

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Hi been reading up on this.

Can I do this with the LL120 using 12 fans ?.


12 fans would be under the 4.5A limit. I would suggest, however, that you not put more than 2 on a single header; we've seen multiple issues with triple splitters, even when the current draw is below spec.

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