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Revisit the Vengeance M90 Mouse


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I sure hope the CORSAIR people see this. I don't see anyplace on the website to leave feedback. The only "Contact Us" I see is for submitting a problem ticket. If anyone can direct me to such a place, I'd be forever grateful.



My old M90 is finally starting to give out on me, and to my great despair they aren't being made anymore. I have need of many programmable buttons for my MMORPGing.


I tried and discarded both the Corsair Scimitar and the Razer Naga with their clumsy 3x4 grid of thumb buttons. They look impressive, but the organized-looking cluster of buttons (even with texturing) are very difficult to keep from getting mixed up. I found myself constantly looking at what button I was pressing.


The thumb buttons on the Vengeance M90 were absolutely unique in the mouse world. For the most part you could very easily tell what button you were pressing without having to look at your mouse. The buttons looked funky, and that might have scared off sales. But it was much more ergonomically designed and intuitive than the every-button-looks-the-same 3x4 robotic grid. Much faster to get accustomed to, and much less likely for your thumb to "lose it's place".


The other handy thing about the design was that you had a solid spot on both sides of the mouse to LIFT it. With the Scimitar, you have to hope your thumb doesn't depress any buttons while lifting. And your fingers on the right side of the mouse no longer wrap underneath... they are more on top, and feel as if you might lose your grip and drop your mouse if it weren't for the texturing.


So do the gaming mouse community and yourselves a huge favor and revisit the more ergonomically designed Vengeance M90. Do your homework. Add TEXTURING to some of the buttons to increase our ability to differentiate between them by touch. Maybe make them more CURVED instead of angled. And PUSH the fact that it is an ergonomic design, so that a wild "new" look doesn't frighten potential customers away.


ALSO very important... let us be able to easily remove the mouse wheel for cleaning.


Good ergonomics are ultimately more important than gee-whiz lighting effects and super-high DPI ratings. Ideally, I shouldn't have to think about my mouse. It is my connection to the computer, and it should feel totally natural. The grid design of the Scimitar FORCES me to stop and think about what button I'm pressing, since they are all practically the same. It is utterly unnatural.


Thanks for your consideration and support.

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Count me among those that consider the M90/95 the absolute perfect mouse. I beg and plead with Corsair to consider the market value of such a perfect mouse. I regret not having bought 5 or more for back-up, at the time.


Every manufacturer keeps making clumsy designs with buttons clumped together or some otherwise clumsy uniform distribution. The M90 is perfect in the ways mentioned by the opening poster. I'll reiterate.


1) Side buttons are spread out around the thumb pad such that each button is unique in both tactile detection as well as location.


2) The thumb "landing pad" is essential for mouse control, yet current MMO mouse designs seem to neglect that important property. The thumb must have a surface to press against that won't accidently click buttons order to maintain precise control while moving.


3) Solid build and perfect contours that feel comfortable throughout the various grip styles.


4) More than enough buttons for any gamer in any genre.


Now that mine is starting to give way to father time, I find myself having the worst time trying to find a worthy replacement. Spoiler alert, it ain't the Scimitar. Those buttons are too small and close together yielding very little distinction, while also having no thumb "landing pad" for good control.


Honestly, I can't figure out why Corsair stopped making this model. The only thing it had going against it upon market release was the iffy software. I had no complaints, but that's what I read reviews claiming. This time, simply perfect the software before release and the purchase feedback will sing songs of praise that will flood the market. Everyone will go out and buy themselves at least two M90/95s.


Thanks for considering!

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I am in the same situation. It is hard to find a replacement for this trusted mouse. I don't need RGB lights glowing out of every orifice, just a simple multi-button ergonomic mouse. I love the aluminum base on the Vengeance M90. The only changes I would make is putting a high quality optical sensor in to replace the laser sensor.


I tried a Scimitar Pro at a store and no...just no. I am currently using a competitor's mouse which I am not happy with. I have my eyes on the another competitor's mouse with a similar design to the M90, but would prefer a Corsair product to fill my needs.

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I just wanted to add myself to the demand list. I've had my M90 for about 6+ years and it is the best mouse I have ever had. I simply cannot use any other high end mouse. The Scimitar and similar non-corsair products are sub-par. I mostly use mine for non-MMO games now and still need the easy to use programmable thumb buttons in a pattern like the M90/95. I'm a claw gripper and cannot operate the grid pattern buttons without looking at the mouse so that is a double no. Unfortunately I'll have to stick to cheap non-gaming, non thumb button mice until something like the M90 hits the market again. Corsair please come back to taking my money.
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I also want to express my desire for an updated design, as the M95 (functionally identical) is the best mouse I have owned in my 20+ years of computing.


I would like to ask if someone has the programming software / firmware for the M90 / M95, seeing as I am not able to find it anywhere (save for a sketchy chinese site) on the interweb or on this here Corsair website :(

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