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H100i v2 Mounting bracket bending/bowing inward to fit motherboard


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When I try to install the intel backplate to my motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix Z270I) I have to basically bend the bracket inward in order for it to fit the mounting holes. It is an LG1151 socket and I've already pushed the mounting pins inwards as far as they will go on the mount. I installed it anyway and it appears the cooler is working fine, but I'm thinking maybe I could have some better temps. I want to make sure the cooler is making the right contact with the CPU. I was wondering if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced it? I'm sorry I can't get pictures right now since I've already installed it. But I can try if needed. Basically just imagine the backplate bending inward a bit to fit the holes since they are a little bit too far out to fit in. It seems like the mounting screws bend inward a little bit because of it, but after mounting the heatsink it appears to be level.


My idle temps can be around 30-36 running an Intel 7700k at stock turbo speed (4.5 ghz at ~1.23 volts). I'd say I get about 60-65C in Aida64 stability test with FPU stress test off, and around 66-71C with it on (temps can occasionally jump a few degrees higher for a couple of seconds). I know the 7700k is known to run hot, so maybe these temps are fine. It's also a mini-ITX setup, so it's a confined space inside the case. Also is it normal for coolant temps to be a lot lower than core temps? I figured that's just the way it works when transferring heat. Mine can be around 28 or 29 while my cores are working full load. I just got it to hit 30C running Aida64 with FPU stress for about 8 minutes.


This was just something I was concerned about when installing it and just wanted to know if maybe I should have not used it, or if this is a common problem?

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The temps that you posted are absolutely right in line with what a 7700K, if not a little cooler. It looks like you have a bit of headroom to overclock if you wish. And yes, it's normal for the coolant temperatures to be a lot less than the CPU temperatures.

Bending the bracket does strike me as odd and concerning but you certainly seem to be working just fine.

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