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RamGuy quick question...


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Building an A64 rig with the following:


MSI K8N neo2 Platinum

A64 3200+ 939 winchester


The ram I originally ordered for this build came with a bad stick and Tiger gave me a refund. It was TwinX1024 3200c2pt.


I only plan on OCing it a little. Reorder this Twinx1024 3200c2pt or opt for the Pro TwinX XL PC3200??????????


Since I don't plan on tweaking the heck out of it that non pro should do me good, right? Obviously there is a pretty substantial price jump to go to the Pro XL.....But if I'll end up regretting it I'll spend the extra dough.

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Well I would suggest our XMS3200XL modules over C2 any day. But you would not need to get the Pro version unless you just want to. Pro and Non Pro modules of the same part# will run the same the only difference would be cosmetic! And the cost of course! If you do not have a window in your case I would not suggest the Pro Version!
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Thanks RG.....I think I'm going to opt for the XL's then. I do have a window in my case so I may still get the pro version. We'll see.....depends on price difference.


Have you heard of the pro's not fitting due to the height on any mobo's?


Oh, and I appreciate the quick reply...

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