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Scimitar mouse side buttons issues


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Hi, it happens a lot of times that upon starting computer, side buttons don't work and I have to restart the computer several times until it starts working.

Sometimes it doesn't even detect the mouse and I have to plug it again.

I have tried with different computers and I am facing the same issues.


I have the latest version 2.18.81 of Corsair Utility Engine and mouse firmware is 2.04


Is there any way to fix these issues.

At least is there any way so I don't have to restart the whole computer, what process/service I could restart to make it work, just restarting CUE doesn't work.


thanks a lot for your help.

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thanks for your reply.

I have CUE running and have profile with actions, after some testing I have observed that anything related with keyboard input does not work, however starting apps does work.

So buttons I have to launch programs does work always, but all the other buttons which need to use keyboad, like pressing Enter, Escape, Tab, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Alt+F4, ...etc they don't work, only do they work after restarting computer several times.

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