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Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire LEDS acting weird


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Alright, I got onto my computer on a surprisingly sunny New Zealand morning, and I looked down at my keyboard, why you might ask? Well, read the title. Some of the LEDS aren't changing to their right colors, some aren't displaying any signs of color at all. I don't know what to do, so I will leave it up to this community here, hoping my issue will be resolved. So, these below are the problems with my LEDS on my keyboard, as follows exactly.


1. The F10 and F11 only display red. some times F11 will display a darker color from what the rest of the LEDS are set at.

2. CAPS LOCK and the zero number on the number pad don't display any color whatsoever.

3. The letter O and P share the same colors, red.

4. The F4 key can only display light and a little bit of dark blue, if other LEDS are set to a different color it flashes nonstop between the color and dark blue.

5. When I change the CAPS LOCK key on the advanced mode, it changes keys TAB, left CTRL, A, S, D, C, V, B, N, M and the printing thing down at the bottom to a bunch of random colors.

6. The Windows lock key (Which I have on all of the time) sometimes flashes and changes to a darker color than what it was set at.

7. The media keys at the top right display pink, so whatever the color the whole keyboard is set at will have a pink tone.


PLEASE HELP ME, I'M STRUGGLING SO HARD. I hope anybody can help.


Bye :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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