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ax1500i potential issue


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For the past couple days I've bin having restarts of the system whenever it is under bigger load on 4 GPUs, like GPU rendering, but also randomly seems like it depends when it hits certain load or something, not sure but seems like it.

And couple days ago when I got back home, computer was rendering in the mean time and I found this:




After shutdown there was problem booting, board gets to AA and then restarts again.

I managed to get back into window only after turning of 2nd 3rd and 4th PCI using small switches on motherboard, so at the moment only 1 primary GPU is working.

Soooo... any ideas if it could be PSU related?


So far I did extensive prime and CPU rendering tests to check CPU and all went fine.

Did bunch of furmark, 3dmark timespy and firestrikeultra tests to check GPUs and no restarts.

and bin running passmark mem test for over 4 hours and again nothing.


I do suspect PSU but figured to check out.

Also till recently I had PSU listed nicely in corsair link but it is not there any more. Computer now works fine and all but when rendering (GPU rendering) it does shuts down and restart but again randomly. Did it hit certain load with both CPU and all GPUs working at the same time or.. will do some more tests to push all power at max and see what happens but for now.. does look bit like PSU issue.




- Asus rampage V extreme

- 5960X with corsair h100i (no OC, temperatures are under 60 in 100% load)

- 64GB RAM corsair dominator platinum

- 4x TitanX Maxwell

- corsair ax1500i power supply

- 512GB samsiung pro SDD

- 5x 1tb hdd in raid 5


Also only recent change was upgrading nvidia drivers to latest version.... but.. could they mess up system soo bad??


help !?



just had another restart, was keeping eye on wall power consumption, got meter and max 967W. I've seen it working stable and no problem around 1060 as well so.. not sure what to think...

For now will try rendering with only 2 GPUs, then if that keeps stable with try only 2 other GPUs.. and see if there something.. maybe.. argh no idea..

But still there is issue of corsair link not working. There is no that orange light blinking bellow green light on PSU so corsair link com is not working

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And again a minute ago.

Was just working and when I hit rendering it shuts down and got same light show again. after shutting down manually again ie holding 5 sec power button and turning on it is back online... still no light for corsair link and it is not detected so I will go and be prety sure that it is issue with power supply.

But would be good to get any official confirmation that could be the issue and to see about options on RMA?

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each card is 250W and your CPU is a power pig too


it could be your PSU is choking on the load, which is why 4-way boxes are uncommon


might be better to use 2 machines each with 2 cards and then carve up the rendering job between them

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1500W is more then enough to support this build.

it never pulls much more then 1000W from wall as well.

plus two separate machines means twice the licences for all the programs, and I have 6 machines each with 4 GPUs so... not an option.

Even 1200W PSU should be more then enough to push this build without issues.


I have an a bit older but still working thermaltake 1500W in one of the other machines.. will plug that one here today and see for a day or two how it works. If it works stable then guess I know what to do :)

Having 4 GPUs off the rendering is not really best option but still .. no other choice at the moment I guess

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BTW I;ve jsut noticed that two other machines with corsair ax1200i are also missing PSU in corsair link now.. it was working before.. any changes or problems with latest corsair link because I;ve updated it on all?

Still there is no orange light on my here but .. still looking for answer pelase? Thanks

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I was having similar problems with my AX1500i until I figured that the power supply runs in multi rails mode by default. At that moment, I was able to switch it to single rails mode and the sudden reboots issue was resolved.


But recently, Corsair Link auto update offered me to updated and I lost the option to switch the power supply to single rails mode. Since those updates, I'm back to having reboot issues unless I lower the clock on the GPUs.


From the product page:

"Multi-Rail mode by default that can be configured into a single rail through Corsair Link software."


I suppose we should fill an issue regarding Corsair Link not allowing to switch back to single rail mode anymore.


Luckily I still have the Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.7.0.77.zip file so I was able to rollback to that version (which allows to put in single rails mode).

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I was checking a bit on multy and single rail and what was repeated on couple pages this included short version is:


So final verdict? Single rail or multi rail? Well, with low-wattage units it doesn't matter. OCP on a single rail is useful up to about 40A or thereabouts, which is where most 550W power supplies fall. So with 550W and under power supplies, it's a moot point. However, with high wattage units, >45A on the +12V (650W and higher) picking a multi-rail unit will provide you with an extra layer of protection. It isn't essential, and it has no impact on the power supply's performance. However, it does provide an extra layer of safety in case you get a short circuit. And I would consider it a must for >1000W power supplies; [H] recently tested the single rail Corsair AX1200, but they had an accidental short circuit, and since the PSU's OCP is set for over 100A, the short overloaded and destroyed most of their testing equipment. So there is a danger with single rail units over 1000W.


So multi-rail is mildly better, especially with high wattage units, but it won't have any impact on your performance or overclockability.


So should we go single at all? :)

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