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Looking for a New Case and possible suggestions for Corsair


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I want to replace my Corsair Obsidian 450D and want to know if anything new is coming out from Corsair. I hear they are allegedly releasing the Spec-04 with a Tempered Glass side panel for $10 above normal retail according to gameranx.com but want to know of anything other than this rumoured case release


I really like the Corsair Carbide Air 540 BUT it has some issues I want to go over and I would be glad if Corsair was to RE-RELEASE the case with this issues sorted out

1) A Possible release with side and front tempered glass

2) I want filtered intakes all over something more like the Carbide Air 740 as that has more dust filters than the Air 540 but it does not look as good

3) Updated overall case I/O such as USB Type C ports or QI charging pad or something or maybe a SATA only powered USB port for phone charging or something which is not connected to motherboard but only for charging mobile phones

4) What is a case without RGB and I am NOT a FAN (pun intended) of some of the current Corsair RGB implementation such as the 570x HAS to be bought with **** RGB fans pre included (I would much rather have a similar option to the 460x where it has 1 cheap red LED fan and spend the money saved on better fans as then I do not end up paying like $40 on top of retail for 3 fans I would never use as I had to overpay for the case) or the fact that there is no dedicated white LED on the RGB strips so a white light looks like a weird blueish colour

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