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Corsair Link 4, always fan at max speed.


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Hello, i got the corsair link h100i GTX.

So with lasts update during a Gameplay is always setted to 2460rpm at max speed, during chrome surf or when i see a movie is always at max speed. I remember that with older software of Corsair Link i'm able to make a custom % based on "Groups" that are gone with last software.


Now i'm only able to make a custom curve speed for H100iGTX Temperature. Why that?

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H100i GTX Temp is the coolant temperature inside the unit. Since the fans help remove heat from the water and do not cool the processor directly, this is the appropriate and most consistent control variable. If you set them to CPU Package temp, the fans are goin to race up and down with every single blip of CPU activity. It's not a little air fan and doesn't work that way.


Unfortunately, I think on the original GTX models, that is the only option. If you look at the preset fan curves, you'll see there is a 40C=100% fan speed line. Obviously way to low to be meant for CPU temp. It also is not automatically helpful for coolant temp either. Room and case conditions can vary so much. You likely want to make a custom curve no matter what. Slow to medium steady speed is all you need for most things. Set a fan speed you can live with and make it 2-3C above your normal max H100i GTX temp. If things get too hot, you'll hear it first. If you live in a temperate climate with warm Summers, you likely need different seasonal curves. Nothing will lower you temp more than when the room temp drop 8C. Same thing in reverse for Summer. It takes some getting used to, but it is better than the over-active fans.


If for whatever reason you can't live with that, move the fans from the pump to your motherboard and use standard BIOS/software fan controls for CPU temp. That also will take some adjustment to find a comfortable zone, but it will work.

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