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Corsair XMS3200 Bad Module?


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Hello there!


I purchased a Corsair Platinum XMS3200 256 module new from Fry's a couple months ago and have been having some problems with it. I tried to exchange it there, but they haven't been much help. Here's the sticker specs:



XMS3202 v1.2 0402064

XMS3200 256MB 400MHz CL2


Windows occasionally crashes even after a new install, and I sometimes have problems booting the computer -- the case speaker / mobo emits 3 long beeps and repeats constantly. I tried different slots, but can only get it to work *intermittanly* in the slot closest to the CPU. Here's some basic specs:


MSI KT3 Ultra

Athlon XP 2200 CPU


I also tried adjusting the voltages up to 2.8, and slowed the timing as much as I could in the Bios (this board doesn't have alot of mem settings to choose from).


I ran MemTest x86 after each 'tweak' and it still fails on Test #5 every time.


I tried some 1 stick of 256MB OCZ EL Gold PC4000 in the same slot and ran MemTest, and it didn't show any errors after several hours of testing.


Do I have a bad module? :confused:


thanks for your help!



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I'm using a MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard with latest BIOS.


I loaded the default BIOS settings (not the Performance BIOS settings).


I tested the RAM at the default with no luck. Then I modified the timings to as slow as they'll go with this mobo, and upped DDR Voltage to 2.8. this didn't help either -- still got errors in MemTest and crashes in Windows.


Here's my BIOS info with the slowest settings:

Cas 2.5, 3T, 6T, 3T

SDRAM Bank Interleave - Disabled

1T Command - Disabled

Fast Command - Normal



Ratio Auto

VCore Auto

DDR Voltage 2.8

AGP Voltage Auto


I'm using an Antec 400w power supply in this case.



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