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K95 RGB Platinum - The hang time to...


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I have read about this problem here before, and the problem happen to other users.

When shutting down or reboot the systen, win8.1 enterprise x64, the system after closing all, hangs for over 20 or 30 seconds to allow the computer to shut down.


The device that is producing that is the K95 RGB Platinum. An i noticed the problem just since the first usage. Now i use it with CUE updated to the last, and firmware updated to the last. Same thing happen !!


please a solution.

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the bios mode is the same, the system take all that time to allow the atx power supply to shut down. see the fact that in over 2 seconds when i click 'shutdown', the os is closed in over 2 seconds, and then to the all big wait time.


In windows xp x64 the issues isnt happening, but of course CUE isnt installed there because it is no compatible.


So it is clear, the software is the problem ! Corsair are you looking this ? What a shame, for the most expensive keyboard !

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