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Thinking About Buying a Corsair One.


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So I'm in the market for a new PC and I'm looking at the Corsair One. It seems to be one of the best options for me at the moment, but I can't help being paranoid that I'll get one of the bad units. Especially since there seems to be so many people who've had issues with these machines. Customer support seems to be good from what I've read on here but I still wouldn't wanna go through the hassle of having to send it back as soon as I get it.


So what I need is for anyone viewing this to give me their personal experience with this PC. Was it good? Was it bad? Any issues or was it completely perfect? Should I just quit being a scaredy cat and get it already or should I stay as far away from this thing as possible?

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Since the support system won't let me submit a ticket unless I already have the items I ordered, and the phone system isn't open on weekends, I have no choice but to ask this here.


I placed an order for the Corsair One and Corsair Void Wireless early yesterday and was immediately met with "your order is on hold pending further review." When I check the order through My Account on the website it says "Pending Verification." When I paid ~$60 extra for 2 day shipping I didn't expect to have to wait any more than 3 days, but that's already out of the question seeing as it'll be 3 days before I can get anybody to answer my damn questions.


Why is it Pending Verification? I called my bank and the money has gone through, so I'm sure that would mean it's been verified.


Already very disappointed in Corsair and I haven't even received the PC yet.

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