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Link 4's costume fan curve issue


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Ahoy there fellow corsairs!

I have an issue with the fan speeds with the Link 4, the custom fan curve settings doesn't seem to function properly, the software does control the fans, I can change between all the static settings (max, quiet, balanced, ect..) but when it comes to the fan curve settings the fan speed doesn't change according to the CPU's temperature, I've ran my CPU through a couple of stress tests where the CPU temp got as high as 65-70c but the fans stayed on the same settings as of 40c, I have the H100i running on push/pull


Here are some pics of the stress test and the fan curves.


Stress test:



Lower rad fans:



Upper rad fans:





Thanks in advance.

KermitFTW ::pirate::







Issue resolved, the temps that the Link 4 is monitoring for the fan curve is not the CPU's temps, it's the h100i temps... :linksucks:dunno:

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