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This keyboard will not work after forced update!


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Hi all,


This is my first post and it is a rant - sorry!


Earlier today while I was trying to get some video edited all of a sudden the lights went out on the keyboard (I was using 'Enterprise') and the update available light started flashing. I of course ignored it until I could get my work finished and saved.


I then let it d/l and install the update. It seemed to go ok - no errors noted. But the keyboard was still dark. So I then rebooted, and still no joy :mad:


The CUE says no device found -please connect. Device Manager shows a Corsair keyboard connected on 2 USB 2 ports, the same as it always has been.


The update available light is flashing on the keyboard but CUE doesn't show any updates, and when I check for updates it says the latest version is installed.


I do need a backlit keyboard account I do my video and Photoshop work in a darkened room for better color control.


So what do I do now? Needless to say I am not amused at all...this is the same arrogant Microsoft Windows 10 forced updates no matter what you might be doing at the time. The first time Win10 did that to me, I immediately wiped the drive clean and re-installed Windows 7.


What if a gamer was in the middle of a hot battle and the keyboard went dark and demanded an update? Completely unacceptable Corsair.


System is Windows 7 with I-7 cpu and all updates and patches installed.


Some help would be much appreciated...thanks!



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Hi toasted,


Thanks for the reply - however the BIOS switch was not in BIOS mode! I learned about that issue when I first installed this keyboard.


Everything was working just fine until this forced update. The flashing light on the keyboard is the update available one, yet CUE says it is up to date.


Moving the BIOS switch to BIOS and back made no difference...but device manager says it is connected, but CUE does not. One of the numbered positions did make the update available light go away but that is it. Rebooting again did not help. This is very maddening. :mad:


Very frustrating...I will put my old keyboard back in so I can at least get my work done :[pouts:



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I just purchased the K70 RGB LUX. And immediately had the problem of CUE not recognizing keyboard device after rebooting.

So, I wrote a program in x64 and x86 using DevCon that restarts the USB device at boot.

I joined forum hoping I could attach and share my program.


See Swagler Tools web page: http://swaglertools.cf/wp/



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