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Default Completely frustrated from the Hydro Series pump failure.


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I am completely frustrated. Those AIOs continue to die under my eyes and leaves me without my workstations and without my gaming pc.

The worst thing is that now happened to my workstation.

I opened another RMA, I am completely frustrated, this is the fourth RMA I OPEN.


This is the text I sent for the RMA, I hope that they doesn't want that I pay the shipping return and I hope that they will ship soon the replacement unit!

This is the ticket number: 626248


Come on Corsair, I am very very irritated from the repeat of this problem.



Hi all,

I started using the Hydro Series since 2015.


Since 2015 I always had a lot of trust in corsair products so I continued to buy and RMA AIOs with broken pump.


I bought 2 H80i GT, the first one has been sent back to corsair for RMA three times the second one has never seen an RMA yet but it failed again.


The most irritating thing is that the PUMP doesn't die from a day to another but it dies slowly.

In 12 months, I see an increase in temperature of about 10-20 degrees with the same CPU, same overclock, same ambient temperature, same thermal compoun.

I even tried buying a fresh new compound and to reapply it but nothing.

It's like if the pump isn't able to move the same amount of water and the temp raises consequently.


I am very very tired of this problems. Is there a fix to this problematic AIOs?

I am surfing the web at 80°C while some months ago I had 40°C, same CPU, same everything.



Since my patience is very very limited due to the big amount of problems I had with corsair products (I am a big fan so I buy a lot of corsair products)

I ask you please to create an express RMA for an H80i GT. I don't know if you have a V2 that fixed this problems, in case please send me a working H80i GT.


This is the proof of purchase of one of your known partner:



Please ship as soon as you can at the address I have in the profile:



And please send me a label to ship you back the defective unit once the new one is arrived.

I don't want to pay shipping expense since I have done so many RMA for this thing.


Thank you.


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