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TR4 H100i?


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I've been using my H100i v2 for a long time now, and was very happy with it cooling my i7 4930k ... but it's just not handling Threadripper.


Even with the adapter bracket, even after remounting it 4 times to get the best possible mount I could, temperatures creep up to 40c on idle with my 1950x ... with full pump, and full fans. Nothing's in danger of catching fire (max temp has been 72c), but it's loud and overclocking simply isn't an option.


(And yes, I got the new Corsair Link; thank you for fixing the temperature offset and making your RGB Ram compatible with X399, btw).


The problem is mainly the coldplate, based on what I've read and my own personal experience. Do we have any timeline on an updated version?



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