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Is it possible to have the macro actions be loaded from a usb stick?


What I would like to do is assign passwords to macro keys but not have them stored on the computer itself.


Yes, it is possible move your profiles to be loaded from a USB stick, but this would involve changing some environment/registry settings to ensure that a local copy is not stored on your computer.


Easier, if you have a Corsair device that supports it, is to use a firmware profile, where your password text would be stored on the peripheral device. Once that has been done, you can delete your computer's copies.

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Use AutoHotKey to create executables that input your password.

Keep the executables on a USB stick.

Use CUE to call them. If the USB stick is not present, there will be no executable to call.


Hi! Are you sure that AutoHotKey doesn't store logs that may contain the password while the macros are being created, etc.?

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