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This companies customer support system is Garbage!


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My H100v2 liquid cooler had pump failure after 9 months. Thus began the nightmare of a return process.


My first attempt I requested an express EMS where you put in a deposit so I don't have to wait for my broken cooler to be shipped out before i receive the new one. Fast forward 5 days. They mistakenly put in a return of a power supply so the 5 days of waiting were for nothing


2nd attempt the customer support guy said it would be shipped to me in 2 days. Call on the day it was supposed to arrive and am told that its never even shipped out due to it being out of stock. So now it has to be shipped from China!!!!! Told 1-2 days of just processing time and 5 days shipping time.


What is going on with this trash company!? I could have gone to the store i bought the day it broke initially and had it fixed same day but no I have to wait over 2 weeks.


I'm done buying corsair products. What a failure of a customer support system.

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