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Is my H60 pump working at all?


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I recently bought an H60 Corsair CPU cooler for my newly built PC, and it seems to not be functioning well for some unknown reason. I had a previous H100 which is years old and quite loud and decided to replace it with another newer model since it won't fit my new CPU.


After I turned on my PC for the first time after installing the H60 I could hear the CPU fan going on full speed and when I checked the CPU temps on Bios or Corsair Link it shows the CPU temperature around 70-100 C as it starts up. It then cools down to 45 -50 C. However if I ever start up any game or even play a video or watch something on YouTube, I could hear the fans go up to full speed and the CPU reaches 70, 80, 100 Celsius in temperature just for watching a video.


I have tried some of the common tips to fix this issue, such as reapplying thermal paste, and making sure the fans and pump are plugged into the right places. Making sure the heat sink is pressed firmly onto the CPU. I have the H60's fan plugged onto the motherboard where it says "CPU Fan" pins and the H60 Pump is plugged onto the motherboard where it says "CPU Pump" pins. I also have the Cpu fan blowing air from the top of my case into my PC, through the H60 Radiator.


I also should point out that while screwing in the H60 in I accidentally screwed some of the metal parts of the radiator and not sure if that is affecting performance.


Lastly, I am not sure if this is normal, but the pump's hose and the radiator feel to be at room temperature. Should they not be at least warm to the touch? Reason I say this is when messing around with my PC to try to fix this issue I once accidentally left the pump un-plugged for a minute or two. I checked the temperature of the CPU and it was basically the same as it gets when plugged in.


In case it helps I purchased this device from Amazon and my mother board is an "MSI Pro Series Intel X299 LGA 2066 DDR4 USB 3.1 SLI ATX Motherboard (X299 RAIDER)" and my CPU is an "Intel Core i7-7740X Processor".

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Alright, after 2 plus days of trying to figure this out I think it is resolved. I was about to return my pump and decided to give it one more try. As I was removing it I noticed the thermal paste did not seem to have been really spread out like it should be if it was under a lot of pressure from the Heat sink. But I had tighten the screws as much as I could so what could it be? I decided to switch the standoff screws to the shorter ones to try to see if it helped. I turned on my PC and the fans did not go crazy. I checked my CPU temps and it was in the upper 30s' C.


That was it I feel quite stupid, but I basically was just using the wrong screws.

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I'm glad it's resolved. You should be able to monitor pump speed/activity with any monitoring program that reads your BIOS headers. On the H60, the pump speed typically reads around ~4000 rpm. It will fluctuate some, but there should be no major drops and the BIOS header supplying power need to be at a constant 12v/100%.


It is not unusual to have difficulty differentiating temperature "feel" of the two hoses. No radiator can take all the heat out of the system on a single pass. The larger the surface area of the radiator, the more heat you can dump out. A huge triple 480mm radiator might have a noticeable difference between loutflow and return tubes. A smaller 120mm unit will not and it makes up for its lack of surface area with a higher pump rate (thus more trips through the radiator). The cooling system dumps less heat and has less volume. It also means both tubes will be close in temperature and you likely would need a thermal imaging camera to differentiate. It does not mean the cooler isn't working correctly.

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