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Commander Pro's new firmware is unstable


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When I turn Corsair Link on today, newer version alarm is come up.

So, I updated Corsair Link and Commander Pro's firmware to 0.3.153.


But Corsair Link doesn't show fan speed data correctly.


My fans are ML120, and HD140.





Actually, fan RPM is vary and work properly, but Link shows nothing.

Fan#1 and #2's RPM goes up by 3000+ RPM. And goes down to 0. So weired.


Sometimes, If I shut the PC down and boot the pc up, so CLCP's all the temp disappear, and 6 fans down to 2. (Link showed both fans 0RPM)



Can I downgrade CLCP's firmware?


CLCP's new firmware seems unstable. I don't want use this firmware now.

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No idea, but for me it's \\RED\F\Corsair\Firmware\ :bigeyes:



Yes i now (C:programmData/CLink4/Firmwareupdates) but i deinstall every time the old Clink when update to a new one,and then only 0.3.153 is there...:laughing:



thx its working again...

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And its Working again...
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