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Help with 3pin fans on corsair link- H100i v2


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Hey guys, so I have been running my H100i for awhile now stock with two of the stock fans as push and it has been a great cooler, recently I decided to run a push/pull setup, along with changing my old thermo paste to thermo grizzly kryonaut, as well as planning to make a direct seal from my fans to my radiator so less static pressure is lost.. I love to overclock and getting every ounce of performance from my cooking system is very important to me..


So to start I ordered everything I needed for the upgrade, the fans I ordered were corsair SP120 high performance fans (as the they looked much nicer than the stock fans and had very similar specs.. at the time I did not know that the twin packs only came in 3pin and not 4pin PWM.. I just assumed all of corsair sp120 high performance fans were PWM, but I was clearly wrong.


My plan was to run 2x Sp120 high performance on the bottom of my rad as push (this way they look nice in my case) and the 2x stock sp120s in pull (on top of my rad where you won't see them).


I bought this 8 way splitter so that I wasn't overloading the corsair fan controller and/or my CPU fan header with too much amperage..


LINK: https://www.ebay.com/p/Silverstone-Technology-All-Black-1-to-8-PWM-Fan-Hub-CPF04/2254272267


It has a sata cable for power so that the 4 fans don't overcurrent my header.


My problem: once I opened up my dual pack of sp120 high performance fans and noticed they were only 3 pin it was too late to return them.. so I figure I will just use them anyway..


My question is can I still run these 2x 3pin sp120s along with the 2x 4pin PWM stock SP120s all off the same splitter? Will it ruin my pump or hurt my fan controller? My assumption is that the 2x 3pin fans will just run full speed all the time, meanwhile I will still be able to control the 2x 4pin fans though corsair link?


If this is correct please let me know. I plan on doing the upgrades today. I don't really mind 2 fans spinning at full speed all the time cuz this way I will be able to control the other two intake fans alone, this way I can find a perfect rpm where the fans work in unison, and where performance is at its peak.


Thanks for the help in advance guys.

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The H100i V2 will only be able to control the PWM SP120s; it can't control 3-pin fans.


That said, it may make more sense to connect those two new fans to the motherboard or to use an in-line connector to reduce their voltage and connect them directly to the power supply.

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