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Corsair Commander Pro RGB Strips


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I bought the Corsair Commander Pro around 3 weeks ago and it was OK and today I just got RGB Strips from Corsair but they do not light up (don't know if software actually detects them as you can even configure the lighting without any RGB Strips or fans connected)


I used both RGB Extension cables included with the commander pro and nothing happens when I log in to my PC


EDIT I have another question I can't seem to remove the RGB extension cables from the Commander Pro I can easily do it on the actual strips but it does not seem to working on the Commander Pro (I tried pulling out the extension cable on the LED1 but gave up as I did not wan't to break anything and plugged the 2nd one in the LED2 both are stuck and YES I DID put them the right way but it seems like they are a bit stuck)


another EDIT I seem to have found out the problem I think as I used the wrong RGB cables as i used the ones which came with the commander Pro but the LED expansion kit has 3 pin cables which I did not see when unboxing it and the Commander Pro has 3 pins but only 2 of them have a wire connected to it

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