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How Do Change My Memory Voltage


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I have a problem that I'm sure someone here has heard before so I thought I would ask and be pointed in the right direction.


I have a new system....


MB: Asus K8V SE Deluxe

CPU:Athlon 64 3000

VID: nVidia 6800 GT

Mem: 2x512 Corsair (CMX512-3200C2Pro)

Snd: SB Audigy

Bios: 1005.006


Every thing works good except the bios will not register (see) the second memory stick. I have them set up in Slot 1 and 3. I've tried setting the timing and using slot 1 & 2 (for double sided dimm allocation as per the manual). I've even tried swapping the sticks.


No matter which slot config I use only one stick is acknowleged. Here is a twister. I used CPU-Z and the software can see both sticks connected through whichever slot I put them in. Yet I still only have access to one 512mb stick.


Please Help .... I really want my Corsair memory back!!! :[pouts:

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I've been reading some of the threads here tonight. I have a similar issue to alot of ppl with regard to Corsair memory and Asus K8v Mobo. How /where do I change the Memory voltage to 2.7? As per Ram Guy's suggedtion in a previous thread.


I checked the bios,the manual and the mobo and there doesn't seem to be any dip or option for voltage change. :sigh!: So where do I go from here to make sure both my fabulous 512 pc3200 Corsair Pro sticks don't go to waste


JambaMan <<<---- Bios Novice :bigeyes:

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What is the revision # of each stick? Are they a TwinX pack?

How To Read the Memory Label


For the voltage setting: Page 4-27 of manual (http://www.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/sock754/k8v_se_dx/e1491_k8v_se_deluxe.pdf)


Advanced -> JumperFree Configuration -> DDR Voltage [Auto]


DDR Voltage [Auto]


Allows you to automatically detect or select from a list the DDR operating voltage. Configuration options: [Auto] [2.6V] [2.7V] [2.8V]

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What is the revision # of each stick? Are they a TwinX pack?




Nope. Just 2 sticks of pro-series (ones with the cool LED's 512mb of pc3200) bought in seperate packages.


The Revision #'s are


Stick 1: xms3202v2.1


Stick 2: xms3202v1.1


If I'm guessing right you think that the mfg version(s) could cause the issue?

...and BTW thanx I really felt stupid when I found the answer myself last night about how to change the memory voltage.



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