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I'm having issues with the audio coming from my mic on the Void USB

Xan the Dragon

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Hey all. I'm having a lot of trouble with the mic on my Void USB because the drivers force the microphone input to be a stereo signal. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the games I play that support voice will only use a mono input for a microphone because of how mics generally work. I find it strange that the headset requires this stereo mic input. In some cases the issue is not evident. In other cases, it's only happened sometimes. When it's in that "sometimes" range, I can fix the issue by pulling the device and plugging it back in. Though unfortunately, this always happens on some games and applications.


It changes my voice from THIS (Click to play audio) and turns it into THIS (Click to play audio). Doesn't sound so good. I recorded both of these in Audacity, one of them was a stereo recording of the mic and the other was a mono recording. Both were at the proper bitrate of 48KHz.


Is there any known fix to this issue? I've found it nearly impossible to use voice chat in game because of this.



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