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x570 Case Doubts


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Hello everyone,


I'm Gabriel and I'm new here in the Corsair forum, and also to the PC building stuff. This is my first experience build a PC on my on(please bear in mind that I've never done this BEFORE) I know that my cable management is a complete mess and I will take care of that later.


Below are my questions for my this Case:


1. The front fans does not spin.

(because they are not connected into a PSU) but how corsair didn't warned the user that you would need a PSU adapter to power up the fans? I still have One slot in my motherboard(Z170K), but that would not be enough to get all the 3 frontal coolers running. Any suggestions besides buying a PSU fan adapter?








(i don't know if the screenshots will be uploaded.)

Thank you.


Best Regards,


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