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Obsidian 750D USB 2x USB ports not working


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I built a new system in an Obsidian 750D about six months ago. The 2 front facing standard speed USB ports always seemed to be a bit flaky and now they've stopped working entirely. I actually had my blue tooth dongle plugged into one for months which seemed mostly ok, and the far right port just flaked. Now both are completely unusable.


If I plug in my USB dongle to one of them the light on the dongle does work, but only to about 1/3 intensity. The system does not acknowledge anything connected though.


There are no devices in the device manager with exclamation marks. I've updated all the drivers for Windows 10 and the MSI motherboard. I've checked the internal connections and don't see any obvious issues. The other USB ports all work fine.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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