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Mismatched XMS3205 sticks?


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Boy do I feel dumb. Here's my story... :sigh!:


I bought a TwinX set of 2x256 MB XMS 3200-LLPT sticks in 2003. One of them is faulty and I requested an RMA. Corsair wanted both sticks back, and I need my computer to do some graphics editing for work. So, I decided I would get another 2 sticks of 256 MB RAM, and use those while I get the RMA done, and end up with 1 GB after my troubles were resolved.


Well, the TwinX version was not available at NewEgg.com last Sunday, nor anywhere else I where I trusted the vendor. So, I naively ordered two separate XMS 3200-LLPT sticks, same memory timings, thinking this wouldn't be an issue and that maybe they don't make the TwinX anymore cause the technology is old.


I got them today: one is XMS3205v1.2 (lot 0405093-8), and the other is XMS3205v2.1 (lot 0435088-4). :wtfman:


And now of course today, the TwinX version of this type is available at NewEgg. :rolleyes:


The TwinX set I already have that needs to be RMAed is XMS3205v1.1 (lot 0322048). I assume they'll be replaced with 2.x versions.


What should I do to save myself headache and get 4 sticks of dual-channel DDR going? I didn't open the new sticks to try them out yet, because I'd like to not eat that 15% restocking fee ($26) and was going to talk to NewEgg about it...


Would the non-TwinX sticks be incompatible because they're different versions/chipsets? All of the sticks are reportedly 2-3-2-6 1T.

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Yes, chipsets have problems with different revision memory, because they use different ICs.


The RMA may be for 1.1s, as they try to replace with the exact same. I'd talk to NewEgg about the sticks. If they were only out of stock and not just unavailable, you may have to do the restocking fee. If the TwinX weren't on the site AT ALL, then they may bypass that.

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Will 4 sticks in dual-channel work as long as there are two pairs where each pair is matched? So like, if I had two sticks of version A in the blue slots and two sticks of version B in the purple slots, is that going to work?
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