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What's the Best Corsair RAM for a P4C800-E ?


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by yunvme [/i] [B]What about 3700? How does this compare? [/B][/QUOTE] The PC3700 is very good RAM. It will usually, though not always, overclock very well. I see many people running it at or near DDR500. It is a solid Corsair stick. That said, the PC4000 is made with a faster IC and will also run tighter timings. The PC3700 will only run 3,4,4,8. So, IMO, for about the same money, buy the PC4000. Good luck, you'd be safe with either. RAM is like a hammer, it works or it doesn't. The Corsair stuff is well made and is stable. If you have stability problems, it's probably something else in the system or a bios configuration. Mike.
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