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Void Wireless VS Void Pro Wireless


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Is there a list of changes or enhancements you have done to the Void Wireless vs Void Pro Wireless?


I have the Void Wireless now. Most comfortable headset I ever owned and I've owned Astro A50 which are $299, cheaper Logitech, and some $99 I forget the name of.


I have not seen in any review anywhere.. did they do anything to change the build of the microphone? I am not rough with my items, but shortly after buying my mic would no longer stay in the up position. Makes it hard to drink or take a snack. I watched a few YouTube reviews and didn't see this listed.

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Yeah I saw that.. it certainly does look different. Doesn't really specify anything detailed like the mechanism inside.


Also would like to find out if they improved connectivity issues at all. I know some others here have issues. My issue really is that sometimes I have to turn the unit on and off 3 times to get it to connect.


I'm going to buy one soon as I get money.. I mean I always said I would if they came out with a new version.

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