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AX1500i Soli Red Led


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Hello, my team and I are trying our hand on an idea requiring compute power of relatively high caliber. So we bought 5 Titan X GPUs to be used for deep learning purposes as well as a Corsair AX 1500i PSU to supply them.


The whole system (off the wall) rarely exceeds 1600w (meaning it's below 1500w of DC)... For the last 4-5 days we had to run a particularly tricky training method which allowed for our system to work at almost full throttle. Off the wall we had 1600-1610w for 5 days straight. Unfortunately the method never concluded as the PSU shut off never to "regain consiousness" again.


Even when shorting the 3rd and 4rd pin of the 24 pin cable (simulating a power on signal) still gets us a solid red led from aX1500i. There are long stretches of time that this psu only used1000w off the wall and only rarely does it have to operate close to its limit.


I had a feeling it would survive the latest stretch (alas it didn't). So my question is -I guess- is there anything to save my PSU from the red led that prevents it from booting? If not what is the swiftest way to have it fixed so that we may be back to our feet. Each days costs us, very much so.


I would much appreciate any responses. Thank you.

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